My photos are my way to express how I see this world and all the beautiful people in it. This includes you. I photograph a range of styles encompassing headshots, portraits, glamour modeling and figure art. Years of experience have taught me how to do it well.

You can see my photo package rates here: My rates are very competitive with other established seasoned photographers. You really DO get what you pay for.

I never rest on the merits of past work. Work with me and I’ll always intend for your shotz to be even better than my last.

Though I take my results seriously, we’ll enjoy the process of creating it. As soon as I meet you at my door, I’ll begin to mentally note your best qualities, both physically and in personality. My best shotz are a fine blend of both.

All shoot sessions start with relaxed but purposeful conversation. I want to put you at ease and to help you realize that our work will be that of a team. I value your opinion of what and how we shoot.

• Check my references (anyone in images or tags). I value my reputation. I’d suggest that you check references for ANY photographer before you commit to a shoot.
• My background and degrees are in Psychology and Counseling. I know how to communicate AND to encourage true expression in my photos. A bonus for both of us.
• Shoots are totally tailored to your needs, regardless of style. I will always try to capture a range of looks that suit you best, however you/we choose to define that.
• I’ve got a book, calendars, and numerous commercial advertising promotions in my credits, with plans for more.

I welcome the opportunity to help you feel great about yourself through personalized photos.